Issues with standard flashers

The flasher units used to make incandescent light bulbs turn on and off, as with turn signal lights, won't work properly with LEDs due to their lower voltage draw. LEDs used for turn signals require an electronic flasher, which are usually available from the LED stolpskyltar  retailer, or at an auto parts store. You can also use a load resistor to simulate the voltage draw of an incandescent bulb.

While LEDs are not as bright as incandescents overall, they have many advantages. LEDs are solid state, so they're much more durable and longer lasting. They also turn on and off faster, and come in a wide variety of colors.

To replace your current car lights with LEDs,  stolpskyltar find the bulb type and model that you currently have and cross-reference to find a suitable LED replacement. LEDs come with standard bayonet and dual contact bases, and empty sockets and adapter kits are also available.

Beyond functional lights

If you're not looking to replace your turn signals or tail lights, and are more interested in dressing up your car with decorative lights, there are a wide variety of LEDs stolpskyltar available. The most popular are light bars and strips, colored dashboard lights, dome lights, door handle lights and under-car LED lights. LEDs are ideal for this type of lighting since they're very small and unobtrusive, and can be easily installed in small spaces.

There's no question LEDs stolpskyltar will gain more and more traction in car lighting. Their durability, efficiency and wide spectrum of colors make them ideal for all kinds of applications. Before purchasing though, be sure to check compatibility with your current lights.